Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Academic Conferences for School and Teacher

Academic conferences increase collaboration and support collegial dialogue between teachers, principals, district administrators, while providing a forum education professionals to consider school practices old new, plan ways to be


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Information Science Reference Revealing Gender Inequalities and Perceptions

Misconceptions regarding gender identity and issues of inequality that women around the world face have become a predominant concern for not only citizens impacted, but global political leaders, administrators, human rights activists. Reveali


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Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers College Media

College Media: Learning in Action is a unique resource for journalism educators and students, media advisors, personnel administrators, at any level undergraduate or interested in learning theory prac


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Cambridge University Press The New History of Islam: Volume 3, Eastern

This volume traces the second great expansion of Islamic world eastwards from eleventh century to eighteenth. As faith crossed cultural boundaries, trader and mystic became as important as soldier administrator.


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Palgrave Macmillan Managing Your Career in Higher Education Administration

Career guide aimed specifically at the large number of people working in non academic higher education roles, such as administrators or professional services staff. Based on authors' real life experience and first hand researc


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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Every Child, Day

Reform of the educational systems in United States and all over world are coming from a wide variety of sources―philanthropists businesses, federal state governments, administrators teachers, both large small school distric


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Penn State University Press Welfare Reform in Persistent Rural Poverty

Since the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 was enacted, policy makers, agency administrators, community activists, academics from a broad range of disciplines have debated researched implications


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Information Science Reference Administrative Challenges and Organizational

Student retention, engagement, and success are some of the biggest challenges that administrators university leaders face in higher education settings. As financial support steep competition pose an issue to student acquisition participat


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NEC Me551 55´´ Uhd Led Monitor Noir One Size EU Plug

Design moderne et mince robuste mais élégant permettant une intégration discrète dans n'importe quelle application et environnementGestion à distance sécurisée – contrôlez vos appareils à et en toute sécurité à l'aide de NEC NaviSet Administrator 2 , gérer de manière proactive les exigences de maintenance en économisant du temps et des ressourcesFacilité d'utilisation et d'exploitation fonctionnalités d'installation, et de intelligentes


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SAGE Publications, Inc Economic Evaluation in Education

The past decade has seen increased attention to cost effectiveness and benefit analysis in education as administrators are being asked to accomplish more with the same or even fewer resources, philanthropists keen to calculate their "retu


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